The Voice Culture

Voice in higher education?

Episode Summary

We discuss the pros and cons of having voice programs as four-year degree programs, from the point of view of private teachers who prepare students for the competitive admissions process.

Episode Notes

Both Brian and Justin have prepared a lot of students for college and conservatory auditions. But what are these young people getting into? Is a performing arts degree a vocational program? Does it prepare students for professional performance? Should it? What are the differences between a BM in vocal performance and a BFA in Musical Theatre?

We have also had many students who are in these programs, or recently graduated, who are still trying to figure out their voices. How does a young singer get a degree in voice but still have major gaps in their ability to get work in the field? Getting post-secondary voice programs to both fit into a university degree and thoroughly train young singers is a huge task that often falls short. How can it be improved?