The Voice Culture

Vocalises - Favorite Collections Ep. 12

Episode Summary

There are so many useful collections of vocal exercises and etudes. Many are free! We talk about some of our favorites, and how we use them.

Episode Notes

Justin starts off chatting about the Vocal Course of Estelle Liebling, a famous teacher from the Garcia school who trained Beverly Sills and other great singers. Then Brian and Justin take on a deeper conversation on the usage of vocalise collections - specifically Marchesi, Panofka, and Concone. What are the benefits and snares of vocalise collections in the voice studio? Texts discussed are Panofka’s ABC, which sets the stage for more musical vocalises, Concone’s 30 Daily Exercises, Panofka’s Progressive Vocalises, Panofka’s 24 Vocalises, Rossini’s Gorgheggi e Solfeggi, Eduardo Marzo’s The Art of Vocalization, and Elio Battaglia’s latest volumes published by Ricordi. Brian discusses the 8-bar vocalises of Sieber. These vocalise collections can answer many questions that will show up in your classical vocal scores. Additionally, Ken Bozeman’s explorations on acoustics can be applied to these vocalises to explore changes on certain vowels. Their value also rests as a kind of repertoire that is free from the pressure to ‘’perform”, so they don’t carry negative emotional and vocal baggage as repertoire is wont to do. Consider vocalise books as recipe books, to be explored and discovered, not to be sung in sequential order.