The Voice Culture

How to screw up a vocalise Ep. 11

Episode Summary

Having a bunch of exercises that were handed down to you means nothing if you don't know their purposes and how to use them. "I don't think that means what you think it means" is a common hazard in voice teaching.

Episode Notes

How to screw up a vocalise! Brian and Justin explore ways that teachers and singers can flub an exercise, and how to go about rethinking the role exercise plays in voice training. A functionally oriented teacher will examine each exercise for its effect upon the voice, instead of running students through a litany of the same ‘pet exercises.’ Even the most seemingly safe exercises can be performed incorrectly and cause problems in the voice. Conscientiousness around the straw phonation and other SOVT (Semi occluded vocal tract) approaches are considered. Misinterpretation of the purpose of an exercise can cause all kinds of problems between teacher and student.