The Voice Culture

Mastery - The Path to the Good Stuff Ep. 13

Episode Summary

What does it mean to have mastered singing? We discuss books by George Leonard and Seth Godin as they relate to how we hone our craft and "ship" good work.

Episode Notes

What is the past of mastery in singing? How can we set expectations for the course of becoming a master of our craft? This launches a discussion on mastery and the ideas of George Leonard’s book “Mastery” and Seth Godin’s “The Practice.” Leonard and Godin have important ideas on how we can set psychological expectations as teachers for ourselves and for our students. Surprisingly, it’s our relationship to being on a plateau that sets our ability to undertake a Mastery path. Students will be on the plateau more than any other location. Keeping an eye for how our students react to that plateau can be an opportunity for us to teach patience, discipline, and perseverance.