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Eden Casteel - The Multi-Threat Performer Part 1 Ep. 19

Episode Summary

Brian talks with Eden Casteel about her performing life, streaming performances, and how to adapt to teaching and singing online.

Episode Notes

Adapting live performance to an online setting has become an essential skill for entertainers in the last few years. In Part 1 of our conversation, Eden tells us what her performing and teaching life looks like today and where things are heading.

Below are some of the resources Eden shared during the interview:


GROUPMUSE (classical Sofar, basically)

SONOBUS low latency:

Tech talk Eden gave to Kennedy Center college students last year (on YouTube)

Handout for the tech talk

Anyone can book time with me with me to explore low-latency/livestreaming options and get set up: low-latency music low-latency music with some socializing aspects - easy live-streamer more complex live-streamer but you can do more, too — where I get my Mac-based audio software, including Loopback to route sound from one app into my live-streamer

Justin as my first guest; == "I used no additional audio for this, just used Streamyard!"